October 18, 2020


This Client is a leading provider of Enterprise solutions, desktop software, scientific information, technical services for biotechnology, drug discovery ,chemical research, including software, information, and websites that allow customers to create, analyze and interact with chemicals, biological, and effective scientific details.


These Client products are mainly used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. They are also used in higher education and in government studies and research. The company’s core software is a standard communication tool and the main communication tool on the pharmacy desktop. The business model of this solution enables research organizations to apply application and information solutions using Internet, intranet and extranet technology. These solutions are now being used by companies such as Abbot Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, etc.


With more than 1,500 personal test cases, the process of quality assurance of a client’s main desktop application quickly became a major challenge to maintain. The app was constantly growing (with some features added) and we had to find a way to reduce test times, increase the number of test cases and improve the quality of the whole system without bringing in more testing time. Based on this information, a quality assurance team has proposed to make our testing process automated. Because of the complexity of the application, we had to decide what the best building materials would be. Some problems are described below;

  • There are many automation tools available (free and open source), but none of them offer a complete solution. Even licensees can show that they are expensive and confine you to certain properties and languages ​​of writing.
  • We could spend a lot of time writing complex test documents, so reusing was very important.
  • We can spend too much time keeping records.


With the client, we can decide which is the best option to follow the best path and choose multiple open source tools integrated with a custom framework that allows you to:

  1. Limit the time you spend writing.
  2. Limit record keeping time.
  3. Combine multiple automation tools to get the benefits of each of them while avoiding their weaknesses.
  4. Develop special features that can be used by all texts:
  • Take screenshots
  • Connect with a data base
  • Create automated reports

Other selected tools and technologies include:

  1. Python as a standard writing language
  2. Open the STA
  3. DummyNet
  4. PyWinAuto
  5. Season

Quality assurance

We have an impressive track record that provides excellent Quality Assurance services to customers worldwide. We cover a number of quality assurance strategies, such as:

Practical Testing

Risk-Based Testing

  • Performance (Pressing and Uploading) Regression
  • Installation and Configuration Security
  • API Testing (N.Unit and MS-VSTest Edition)
  • Automatic (Python, VBscript, Apodora, Mercury QTP)

Smoke Test


We can help the Client reduce the processing time by 40%, add hundreds of additional test cases without affecting schedules and keep test cycles controlled.

We have also been able to assist the client in the process of deploying the system, as well as system installation, installation testing, smoke testing, feature testing (including integration with other tools), performance testing and all report production to produce reliable quality metrics.

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