Syndicate This Client is a leading provider of Enterprise solutions, desktop software, scientific information, technical services for biotechnology, drug discovery ,chemical research, including software, information, and websites that allow customers to create, analyze and interact with chemicals, biological, and effective scientific details. Merchandise These Client products are mainly used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. They are also used

Organizations that strive to meet the challenges of today’s world and their aspirations are looking for lasting solutions to work in a competitive environment. Information technology tools and services are essential to the smooth running of a business. The key force in acquiring IS / IT attracts both: customers and providers of these solutions. However, to gain competitive advantage from

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already become a big part of how people live, communicate and do business. Globally, web-enabled devices make our world a habitable place to live. There are still many challenges to widespread IoT acceptance and a secure, functional device network. From security challenges to high customer risk risks, these five factors are a major concern

Introduction: In the last few decades, regardless of size, companies have produced a huge amount of data from both internal and external sources. The power of good governance, access and analysis is great, albeit seemingly unrelated; the amount of information that is important in business decision-making, otherwise potential business opportunities and important lessons may not be learned. Rapid changes in

THE CLIENT: A key player in the wine and spirits industry promotes the group’s international brands And manages local and regional brands like Red Heart Rum. THE PROBLEMS: Create innovative messaging streams for the loyalty programmed that not only evolve and scale in- country, but can also be deployed throughout Africa without having to invest from scratch each time. Messaging

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