August 18, 2018
As new technologies pressure traditional mail and express business models, we partner with clients to not only improve their existing processes but also help them innovate. Whether it’s making dramatic improvements to back‑office processes or finding convergence between brick‑and‑mortar and digital business models, we have the right expertise to accelerate your business performance.


 Digital Logistics

For mail and express clients leverage traditional connected cargo capabilities with emerging technologies including digital mail, e‑commerce, mobile commerce and telematics. Team provide consulting, user experience design and technology services to help you stay ahead of the technology curve. Services combine domain expertise in logistics with mature IT delivery processes in order to provide quick client solutions and avoid the risk of technology obsolescence.

 Business Process Excellence

For private and government mail and express organizations, Team provide world class business process services that streamline operations, increase productivity and help uncover new opportunities. Whether it is finance and accounting, customer support or outbound logistics, our business process services are geared to offer measurable value. Clients benefitting from capabilities include mature as well as emerging adopters of the business process outsourcing model.

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