“Gather the Data, control the device, and improve the efficiency with an IOT Device”

Integration and interconnection of the devices used in the day to day life through Internet medium with innovation to improve the efficiency is known as Internet of things. The revolutionary sensor devices elevated the concept of smart devices and smart cities to a whole next level. IOT solutions can be implemented across all the business sectors to transform the functioning of the devices.

Connecting The THINGS

Connecting the sensors, devices and machines in the physical world to the Internet creates multiple new digital opportunities for industries, including:

  • Life Sciences firms remote monitoring of clinical trials and medical devices
  • Retailers creating more personalized in-store shopping experiences
  • Banks providing better offers and more engagement via tellers and ATMs
  • Manufacturers predicting when equipment will need maintenance
  • Logistics firms designing real-time visibility into location and condition of assets
  • Restaurants reducing customer wait times with “just-in-time” meal preparation
  • Insurers increasing revenue through asset monitoring
  • Utilities doing real time grid assessment from devices sitting on the grid


Improve Customer Experience

Improving customer experience through a reliable connection to things.

New Revenue Systems

Creating new revenue streams through  next gen services leveraging intelligence of connected ecosystem

Enhance Productivity

Optimizing business processes by consolidating platforms and enhancing employee productivity.

Real Time Insights

Adopting preemptive approach to prevent business issues through real-time insights.

Industry Solutions


Our Banking Services has the robust capabilities to understand needs of Financial Services and provide end to end solutions with finesse.

Consumer goods

Benefit with our Hyper Personalized Offerings. Know how to make consumer enjoy in store experience and you achieve best ROI through better sales.


Our streamlined and efficient approach with customer centricity is the need of Health Care sector


Tailor made solutions for Insurance Sector, well developed by us to suit your needs.


Solutions for logistics service providers including smart yard management, dynamic route planning and analytics.


Providing best structure to implement the way media & entertainment companies, benefit from across the globe companies


To be able to set an eco system to help everyone connect and be swift in providing solutions


Cloud Computing is changing the way we communicate! Cost Management, Disaster Recovery, Mobility, Quality of Service is what we vouch for.

Energy Utilities

Our rich experience in Energy Utility verticals will prove to be a best deal for you.

Information Services

Our Information services includes right focus on data accuracy, with in depth market research and detailed analytics

Life Sciences

Our Information services includes right focus on data accuracy, with in depth market research and detailed analytics


Strive to deliver state of the art services and offer wide spectrum of excellent services in batch optimization and further help in business analytics


Essence lies in paving the path that is more connected, satisfactory, and to provide user experience for customer. Idea is to achieve customer delight through best services

Travel and hospitality

Consulting solutions are designed by experts, using technological advancements that Tracel & Hospitality sector comes across.

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