August 18, 2018

Home and personal care companies face increased commoditization and changing consumer demographics. Meanwhile, emerging markets are growing fast, but presenting challenges that traditional business models can’t support.

Latest cloud and SaaS solutions to enhance direct store delivery, production planning, warranty management and e-commerce.



Team should gain control over application portfolio across the consumer goods value chain to maximize business impact and minimize risk. Need to have extensive experience with leading software suites used in this industry, including Dassault, JDA, Microsoft, Oracle, PTC SAP, SAS and Salesforce.com.

IT Infrastructure Services

Design, develop and implement an IT foundation that’s in sync with business objectives and helps reduce costs. Services needed on enterprise-wide device and process foundation, building blocks for monitoring every IP‑enabled device and process on your network.


Mobile solutions that keep road warriors well informed; establish a direct line into consumer thinking and influence behaviors using new solutions targeting smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices.

QA services, including balancing continuous application availability and usability with accessibility and security.

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