For wireless carriers, the need to develop new business models and reduce operating costs—while still keeping pace with new service offerings—has never been greater. Pair this with intense competition and it’s easy to see why many wireless companies need help with their move-forward plans. Team should help wireless companies match these global challenges with a new generation of products and services leveraging the cloud, data analytics and the latest mobile devices.

Network Equipment Providers

Pantar Network-Equipment-Provider Vertical has been concentrating on bearer grade cloud networking with creative services and solutions addressing needs of Telcos and Network Equipment Providers globally.

Integrated Communications & Providers

We incorporated Communication Services empower you to encourage seamless, real-time data-sharing & collaboration as well as react effectively to requests created by progressively flexible and mobile working examples.

Cable & Satellite

At Pantar, we know about the rise of wireless and IP based networking with other consumer devices for substance/services development and managing customer interface. Consequently, we are attempting to come up with services.

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